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gmoon5 years ago
I can't reply to your compressor question on that page--reply doesn't work once it's a "best answer!" So I'll do it here...

The compressors I built were based on Craig Anderton's book "Electronic Projects for Musicians" project #8, and used a 4739 opamp. You can't find  those now.

I can't even find a schematic online--apparently he changed it for the newer versions of the book. But I found this one, which is based on the new version. I believe it uses a TL072 opamp and an LM301 to drive the LED. The old 4739 could drive the LED directly. The CLM6000 is the optoisolator (same as the old schematic), which is really hard to find. There's where I made my own.

I don't think a TL072 could sink/source enough current to drive an LED. But you could try using an LM386 to drive the LED, together with the TL072 .

josh1324 (author)  gmoon5 years ago
ok, i didn't know that you can't reply. And i'll have to check out that book!

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