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@jotism- can u plz tell me what's d meaning of JOTISM ?
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Ummm.... I am wondering what is your avatar of? It is creepy to me
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its just a random pic i made on GIMP, i called it "board scared face"
ok....still creepy
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I made it, thats why lol
I couldn't reply to your post on the forums about chocolate not being bad for you. It is indeed bad for you. Milk chocolate, especially. Chocolate has received a lot of successful marketing in regards to it's health - obviously you believed them. Chocolate should be consumed only in darker forms (very high cacao content) if you want any "health" benefits, and you should keep the amounts small. Otherwise, the fats and sugars you're consuming void anything healthy that could come of it. :) I enjoy chocolate, and I always keep a brick on hand. But I'm responsible with it. I know it can be bad when you over-do it.
jotism (author)  jessyratfink7 years ago
OK, i dont want to try and insult your intelegents as I am assuming you are quite clever, but I am virtually a EXPERT on chocolate. 1) there is actually very little in the way of advertising that chocolate is healthy, in fact , there has been a lot of the opposite. 2) the fat in REAL chocolate only comes from cacao butter and is about the only type of fat that is good for you, and does not void any health benefits. 3) the main reason the fat in chocolate is NOT bad for you (or me or anyone else for that matter) is because chocolate is full of atioxidands which STOP fat from clogging up your arteries. 4) the more chocolate you eat, the more fat you eat, but the more antioxidands you take in as well, so it balances it out. 5) there are only lots of sugar in low cacao chocolate, such as 60% or lower, where the sugar takes oer and makes the chocolate usless in ALMOST every way, also sugar aint bad for ya, i eat TONNES more sugar than my RDA says I should, plus probly WAY more fat than I should, and I am thin, healthy and really good at running, also i am very clever and agile etc. etc. and it has atleast SOMETHING to do with my apparently "unhealthy" diet. 6) need i go on???
Where are you getting your "expert" information from, though? That's the most important point. Some of the things you mentioned are certainly true, but I'm afraid that the rest of the information is from unreliable sources. I'm a health educator and I talk about this sort of thing for a living. People get bad information from everywhere.

An important thing to remember about health information online is that people like to use buzz words and fads to promote their products. That's happening with acai berries, chocolate and "organic" foods lately.

I'd suggest reading peer reviewed articles from journals or on websites like webmd.com or medscape.com.

I found one for you:

Basically, if you don't see a ton of references at the end, I wouldn't believe what you're reading. :D

Just remember to check the saturated fats and sugars on all chocolates. Even those dark chocolates said to be healthy can have a ton of sugar and saturated fat. Especially if they contain other ingredients to alter the flavor.

Just be careful is all I'm saying. :)
jotism (author)  jessyratfink7 years ago
OK, ill admit, im not LEGALLY an "expert" (exsept in my ALMOST country Jotismisticland) PROPER chocolate is good for you, like beef is good for you or milk, all good foods, alll have good bits and bad bits. and most of my sources ARE infact from thorntons/wikipedia and i will admit are not the most accurate in SOME cases, but only cross referenced materials are used in any conversation i have unless its something ive made up on the spot, which i am very good at doing, lol