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  • Making Dimensional Recycled HDPE Stock for Projects

    You are a 'scientist' with EXCEPTIONAL documentation skills. Well done. As danieldweaver intimated, if you were to make apple or fruit presses for a living, you might want to limit your sources of scrap HDPE so as to consistently use only the cleanest and safest scraps, and then have the final product lab tested for chemical components - just to be sure the 2nd melting doesn't adversely change the nature of the HDPE in such a way as to lessen its 'food grade' qualification.

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  • jtharkness commented on kmpres's instructable How to Rebuild a BionX e-Bike Battery Pack3 months ago
    How to Rebuild a BionX e-Bike Battery Pack

    Very nice ible - very well thought out, extremely detailed, and very well documented.

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  • jtharkness commented on makjosher's instructable Simple Sheet Metal Brake: No Welding5 months ago
    Simple Sheet Metal Brake: No Welding

    Very nice. I've been planning a metal bender in fits and starts for a long time. Thanks to your creativity, I can now use your well-documented plans. I may go with a 1/4" - 3/8" thick hardened steel plate with a beveled edge instead of the angle iron to be able to achieve angles greater than 135 degree bends though. Of course, where to get that is the big question. Thanks for sharing.

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  • jtharkness commented on thebeatonpath's instructable DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap5 months ago
    DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap

    Why, why do you hate yellow jackets so much that you spend time and effort to 'efficiently' snuff-out nearby populations? Always keep in mind, that not every creature has an 'obvious' benefit; and, that nothing in nature is without purpose or devoid of benefit to "something" else that you would want to cultivate for its 'obvious' benefits. By all means, kill the few that want to reside on/in your domicile but you don't need, and shouldn't even want, to indiscriminately kill numerous nearby populations of them just because you can. You've already done some nice taxonomic research on them, now do some holistic field research to determine what biological niche they occupy, and how it would change (better or worse) if they were suddenly gone.

    I understand the sentiment of acting on fear. However, if you could eliminate EVERYTHING that could harm or kill you, then you might have a better argument for extermination - at least logically speaking. But, the reality is that you can't even eliminate all stinging insects in your own back yard, let alone a neighbor. So whats a thoughtful and intelligent person to do? May I suggest to learn everything you can about them so that you won't "have" to kill them in order to stay 'safe' from them. On a secondary but still significant note, in general, the irony of extermination policies is that something else even more dangerous is likely to fill the void left behind by the dead yellow jackets.

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  • Improve the Flavor of Coffee Using This Method

    I concur. The brand of coffee matters greatly. Even the smell of Folgers is sickening to me. Compare the smell of Folgers ground coffee beans (or instant) with Nescafe Classico, and you will notice a huge difference. I concur with others that "good" coffee should not be bitter. If it's just a little bitter or acidic, then a little cream and/or a little cane sugar will ameliorate the bitterness, and might even improve it.

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