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saw this site, want some ideas to do w/my 12 yr old make me look good please.lol thanks Bev

goodman33 years ago
I thank you,
I learn about scince, My first scince. I made wet snow made 4oz.
plz describe the ENSTIEN EQUATION.
mangomango7 years ago
you really need to make a video about the fire on your hand thingy!
Did you make that vacuum chamber yourself? I would be really great if you could post instructions on how to make something like that.
EPL7 years ago
in alternative use for peeps how do you increase and decrease the pressure and volume?
Hey Kent, could you please link YouTube versions of your videos? My computer's admin (I used to be admin, but I did a lot of hacking) has MetaCafe blocked. And no, it's not my web browser, I'm using (and always have been) the latest version of Firefox (currently 3.0.4).
M5R8 years ago
On 'Make Gold And Silver Pennies ' Can you use electroplated (zinc) plated nails instead of zinc and how dangerous is it? Also what will happened if you accidently added a different metal instead such as iron/ steel?
ItsTheHobbs8 years ago
I think that you could do a bit better at giving instructions too, but most of the interesting ones are fine.
pyro138 years ago
At the start of most of your movies, it shows a picture of you holding fire, how do you do that?

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PetervG8 years ago
SO many of these videos aren't even instructables.
ac1D PetervG8 years ago
agree. only a moneymaker.
ewilhelm8 years ago
Hi kentchemistry, Thanks for sharing your videos. Some of the negative reaction you are receiving stems from putting all of your videos on Instructables at once. Many people are subscribed to the main RSS feed, and so are overwhelmed to find 50 new videos that might occlude some other cool content. I recommend that you engage with the community here, answer their questions, and help them understand (and potentially replicate) your experiments and demonstrations. I think you'll find in the long run that becoming an active member of Instructables will increase the impact of your projects -- either in number of views of the videos or in the number of people that learn from and are inspired by your work. So, feel free to create full Instructables on the same topics that your video cover. You'll also find we're much more likely to feature Instructables than Videos, which brings them to the highly trafficked front page.
kentchemistry.com (author)  ewilhelm8 years ago
I am working on more detailed descriptions for your audience. As I move from entertaining to a teaching type of website. Sorry about overwhelming your RSS feed. I couldn't wait to share my educational videos with you community. -Kent