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xACIDITYx8 years ago
Do you know how to upload an image? If not, you might want to upload one.
killarowa (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
hmmmm but im taught OPSEC in the army, why would I need a picture? hmmm what to upload!
I'm just saying that a picture separates you from the newbies in the community. If you have a picture, you become an... individual. As opposed to being just another guy who doesn't know how to upload a picture =p.
i dont hav a picture (lol)
killarowa (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
hey skate, whats the specs on pic size? mines under 250X 267, i posted a couple but couldnt settle on one so swapped it a coupla times, and now it wont update my image!
killarowa (author)  killarowa8 years ago
and spoke too soon, nm, got it!