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GummyB3 months ago

keep the vids come i smile when i see your new vids we all watch them

just got your letter peter thanks for the stickers very nice jimmy from new zealand kidinthe workshop

kludge77 (author)  kidintheworkshop1 year ago
I'm glad they arrived safely!


I am goigto hsave to fudge this a bit


I am collecting already. My whole family of 1 daughter is on alert.

I had problems getting my box though.

Trying to think outside the box, I may have found an acceptable solution

painterbel2 years ago

my mother laughed and laughed! She adores her ice cream! And at 80 years of age, she can get quite territorial! I may have to see if my DH can make this for her upcoming birthday as a gag gift! It will be so very appropriate! Painterbel

kludge77 (author)  painterbel1 year ago

You can buy a version from Ben & Jerry (where I got the idea)