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noahh7 years ago
Do you realize that every Instructable you have EVER written has been featured? Congrats!
yonatan24 noahh2 months ago

Now not

offourse he realized it!
BartholomewH7 months ago


NILDER4 years ago
Hi Iamedust,
I am a brazilian artisan and I work with paper (from 60g to 180g). Dou you thin your laser cutter is able to cut this paper?
Keith-Kid6 years ago
Hi lamedust.
Flumpkins7 years ago
Do you play drums? You have drum headphones
lamedust (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
Nah, I wish I did. These headphones are work headphones from when we do noisy things out here.
I thought they were for show, they just plain look cool.
Keith-Kid7 years ago
why does your avatar look so long?
lamedust (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
I made a long picture
n8man lamedust7 years ago
I think it would be tall, not long.
vanpaun7 years ago
Hey man, do you unicycle? If not, please don't flag my instructable. The freemount is one of those "gotta practice" it skillz, and thats all the advice I can offer. It was also a Request by someone, and it could be a part of a larger instructable, but I think it should be seperate.
vanpaun vanpaun7 years ago
sorry if i came off as rude, but I was tired