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you're my hero. 8) lol
intoon9 years ago
I was also wondering about the Orangeboard? If its like a whiteboard, can I edit the contents on it? Or do I just post my own message on my own board. Maybe I should just post a forum instead...
TimAnderson10 years ago
Oh LeahCulver! been watchin any good kitey vids lately? also how do I make dollhouse chairs not be a favorite anymore? I don't mind them, but I think I clicked it by accident and there they are whenever I login. thanxmucho, tim
P.S. What's an orangeboard? Is that like the thing my dad used to sort oranges with when he was a migrant worker? It was a board with three different sized holes for small, medium and large oranges go go in. It took him a long time because most oranges were somewhere in between and it wasn't an easy decision what to do. Eventually the boss told him that not everyone is cut out for that sort of work, so he became a college professor instead.
Tim, you should include that story in your book!
Hi Leah, I see you were one of the judges for the September project contest, and you also commented on my Monica's Wedding Cards project. I was so thrilled to find out that I got an honorable mention! Can you tell me what the criteria was for judging? I'm really curious what it was that you guys were looking for. I'm still pretty new to Instructables, but hope to contribute more. Thanks! Kate (Out of the Woods)
TimAnderson10 years ago
LeahCulver writes: "You are way too picky with your favorites, though. What an exclusive group!" Me sez: "Absolutely! Wear it with pride! p.s. I like your new Industrutable. But the comments need some political b.s. P.P.S. Like maybe if you had a big board that was orange with "Free Kittens Not War" written on it. Then you could protest in the woods somewhere and not get shot in the face by the Vice President.