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hey thanks i just took my broken ipod to the genius bar and got a brand new ipod touch for free!!!!! thank man u rock
led235 (author)  EncasedDeath6 years ago
 no problem , i like to help people with apple stuff, klet me know if you have any other apple problems!
well my ipod has a problem. i says im connected when i go to my settings but its not showing the signal bars on the top left. any ideas before i restore it? and its not letting me connect to most wifi connections.
led235 (author)  EncasedDeath6 years ago
if its an ipod touch or iphone, its the os, 3.1.2,,, you cant do much about it
i fixed it. idk y but i put in sleep mode and turned it back on and it actually worked.
led235 (author)  EncasedDeath5 years ago
well a soft restore is a good thing to start with
do u hav an xbox 360 with live?
ReCreate7 years ago
You seem to yell allot.
led235 (author)  ReCreate6 years ago
 i get excited all the time
ReCreate led2356 years ago
I see.