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Gerasik8 years ago
hey did you get that autodesk leatherman from the FIRST Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007?
lego-man (author)  Gerasik8 years ago
why yes I did! about time someone else said something about it. so, let me guess, you're on a team too? which one? I had been on team 75 of New Jersey, graduated high school last year.
I'm on team 334 of brooklyn, ny =D. this is my junior year so i still have 2 competitions to go. are you now a team mentor, or is college a bit much? lol
Bilsy288 years ago
Wow! That Lego LED was a great idea.
tony stark8 years ago
I was going to say that!
Lego man8 years ago
Hey nice name! I don't work for instructables, but it seems you havent been greeted yet. oh well, Welcome!