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I made took some more pictures and their getting better

Hello, legoman111, I am glad you're interested in the NK3A! All I need to know from you is how many Nerf guns you have (just a number will do) and if you have any modifying experience. Remember in order to join you must make an NK NerfNeck! (You can substitute a notebook spring for a Nerf Gun spring if you want/need). Once you do that, you will be an official member.

The link to the instructions for the NK NerfNeck is:


Here is the basic description of what and who we are.


Thank you for expressing interest in the NK3A!

The NK3A is a tactical army dedicated to serious real life scenario style Nerf wars. The name of the game is still fun, but we operate on a more advanced level than your average small scale party war. We bring advanced tactics, mods, and ideas to the table and are into sites such as Nerfhaven.com, Instructables.com, and NerfModWorks. We follow blogs such as MyLastDart and use sites such as Nerf Wiki. In general, we are an online and real life allegiance of Nerf fans around the world.

We are working on getting a website of our own soon, so stay posted! All members will be notified.

Thank you!
Nerfrock (NK)

-Founder and General or the NK3A


Thanks for checking it out! Feel free to ask more questions!

In answer to your questions;

-You do not have to attend Nerf Wars to be a member, just some general knowlege will do.

-I recommend you get a Nerf Rapidstrike instead, it's the same price as a Stampede and is full auto, lighter, can shoot up to 75ft, and has a higher rate of fire (3 DPS). It is $40, but at some stores they sell it for as little as $30.

Hope it helps!

Ok, well, here are some more answers.

-The NK3AE (Elite) has access to advanced modifications and homemade high-powered blasters, but other than that, they use the same things. The main difference is the Elite uses different tactics, consider it to be a kind of Nerf Navy Seal-only with more people.

-Your N-Name is any nickname you want to have in the NK3A, you can choose what it is. For example mine is Nerfrocketeer.

-Good luck modding your Longshot! There are some great mod instructables out if you need a reference. Be most careful when you remove the AR, try to make as smooth cuts as possible, because it will make use a lot more easy and will add performance.
BTW thanks for following!