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bill.woslum2 years ago


I am in the planning stages of building my version of a Rocket Camper...

I am using yours as inspiration... I really enjoy seeing excellent quality end results... I will be happy if mine is 60% as cool as yours turned out.

I have years of remodeling experience, and I must say... SUPERB WORKMANSHIP DUDE !! :)

Where did you buy the cool flip out port hole windows?


Bill W.

longwinters (author)  bill.woslum2 years ago
Good morning Bill,
All the windows are 9 ply Baltic birch ply wood.
It is my opinion that cabinet making will make or break your project as far as aesthetics.
Local news paper did a nice story on it, just Google Atomic Camper
You see a few hits, I'd be happy to offer free advise, worth what it costs, trust me I will be doing the next one quite differently.
Gena_Rumple4 years ago
Thank you for subscribing to me and for the patch. It is most appreciated! (^_^)b