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May 4, 2010
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  • lovethebackwoods commented on diymontreal's instructable Black iron pipe garment rack3 weeks ago
    Black iron pipe garment rack

    I also love this particular establishment; I received a generous Toolbox for Educator's grant from them a few years ago and got some great tools, lumber, and other supplies for my Art classroom; I shop them a lot out of loyalty. However, their "military discount" is only available to federal military, Not state forces. Congress chartered state defense forces decades ago and my state has had one since 1984. We serve during state need - floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, major forest fires, rockslides, landslides, multi-state training events, snow disasters, etc. As a well-trained volunteer force, we save our state a great deal of money. Some businesses do offer us discounts, and we thank and appreciate them.

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  • lovethebackwoods commented on rsmaudsley's instructable Homemade Thumbscrew3 weeks ago
    Homemade Thumbscrew

    First thing I thought of, too! (What is wrong with us?!...)

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  • lovethebackwoods commented on nativewater's instructable Build a Greenland Kayak1 month ago
    Build a Greenland Kayak

    Hi, uglycitrus. I took a kayaking class at the local univ. where I was teaching at the time and we had to master the Eskimo roll, which was difficult for me but I survived it. That's the only time I've ever done it and it was years ago. It seems as if the instructor said to dig the right paddle deep and hard into the water and then lean into the roll, thus propelling ourselves upsidedown in the water and under the kayak. Then we had to firmly and quickly pull off the skirt from the front. As she had promised, the force of the water rushing into the kayak propelled us out of the water like a shot. However, watch the suggested youtube vids. Instruction has probably changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Good luck.Great 'ible, nativewater. Way to go, thanks!

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  • How to Lose 100+ Pounds and Keep it Off For Life

    You're certainly right, ChrisLewis, that you can't liquidize everything. Who in the world wants liquid steak?! But one thing to remember about actually chewing your food is that part of the satisfaction (especially social satisfaction) of eating a meal is in chewing it (and not talking while doing so!). Chewing food takes longer than drinking it, and provides more taste experience. It also gives your stomach more time to realize that it is full. If you are not eating alone, chewing also provides your mouth time to do other things than monopolize the conversation! Modeling chewing and swallowing with one's mouth closed is good for helping young children learn to do the same, as well as helping them master turn-taking-while-talking, and the social benefits of not interrupting.One of our foster children was severely handicapped and could not chew food. I was advised to run her foods through a blender before feeding her, which worked well. During one doctor's visit I was asked about her favorite foods. I replied that she really liked mashed bananas ("Good, good," I was told), but that her favorites were stewed or roasted moose or caribou blended with cooked carrots and cooked rice. I was told to run her foods through the blender separately and give her a couple small spoonfuls of each food at a time so that she could enjoy the different tastes. I had not thought of that and was glad for the advice. I'm just sharing that the medical advice in this situation was that foods be enjoyed separately, not all blended together for every meal. Smoothies with mixed fruits, etc. are obviously fine for most of us - yum!This is a really great Instructable! The photos illustrate and encourage and the narrative is excellently written! Awesome job! Congratulations, miss_alli1984! You've done the world a great service.

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  • lovethebackwoods commented on deba168's instructable 5 Unusual Uses for a Coke Can1 month ago
    5 Unusual Uses for a Coke Can

    I've made the survival lamps pretty much like this since I was a kid and they had not yet invented flashlights. We lived way out in the sticks in the Catskills and would just go out and hike or walk or go fishing at night, so the light was a big help. Not too good to use even a safe open flame inside of a tent, though. It uses up the oxygen inside, even with the vented windows open, and people have had bad problems with the carbon monoxide build-up - like even to the point of death. But even just a nasty headache can sure ruin your day when you're way backpacking through the backwoods and a storm is coming on. Aside from this reminder, I like your 'ible. Thanks for the great photos and clear explanations. I go fishing a lot and have never tried making this kind of hook, so that's a project for this week-end. I'll let you know if it works well for me!

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  • lovethebackwoods commented on kludge77's instructable Gummy Bear Axe1 month ago
    Gummy Bear Axe

    That might require a whole new 'ible on how and why NOT to eat resin gummi bears!

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  • lovethebackwoods commented on ShiftyTips's instructable How to cut a rope with itself1 month ago
    How to cut a rope with itself

    Honest-to-goodness, GrowleyMonster? You can't even carry a pocket knife at all? Good grief! I'm staying right here. I'm a great-grandmother and I use my edc pocket knife countless times every day.

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  • lovethebackwoods commented on MaddieJ3's instructable Campfire Cookies2 months ago
    Campfire Cookies

    Great pictures and directions! Good job, thank you!

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  • lovethebackwoods commented on Darthorso's instructable Understanding Italian Gestures2 months ago
    Understanding Italian Gestures

    Excellent advice! When in Rome...

    I love all of your (handsome!) pictures, especially the closing one. Spaghetti has always been my favorite food. I started to say I had no Italian ancestry, but then I remembered Aunt Lee and Uncle Greg, plus old family friends who were courtesy aunts and uncles. My dad spoke fluent Italian; he told me when I asked that he had picked it up in the Army. I love hearing it spoken. You'd miss a great deal of a conversation if you were in a very dark room - you're certainly right about the importance of gestures! Great job on this 'ible. I do love laughing as I learn!

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  • How to Car-Camp in the Rain: 11 Lifehacks

    We don't have a dog and usually only have a tennis ball around if I find one in the woods or a park when I'm out geocaching. However, I usually have on sneakers or hiking boots. I put a clean grocery bag on the end of my 28-year-old hiking stick (to protect the inside of my sneaker), stick my hiking stick into the sneaker, and use that to push up my tarp for drainage.As an Alaskan Scouter (adult volunteer Boy Scout leader), this is my 43rd consecutive year of Scouting, and I grew up in the NY Catskills camping all the time as a kid. Our youngest son made Eagle in a very active troop that camped every month year-round (the coldest I've camped with my Scouts is 39 below). I love camping with them, and the adult camaraderie around a bedtime campfire is awesome! (We don't carry alcohol on Scout trips; campfire coffee is the only coffee I usually drink.) If a troop is not going out when I want to, I camp alone (which always unsettles my non-camping husband).Dressing for the weather, using layers of clothing, and avoiding cotton ("Cotton kills") are all helpful tips. I remind my Scouts to change ALL clothing at bedtime - socks, underwear, the works. There are many youtube videos with all kinds of camping and sleeping safe and warm tips, and more recipes than you could ever use.Thank you for this well-organized camping 'ible. The pictures and camping tips combine for great instruction. Good job!

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  • lovethebackwoods commented on hinagiku's instructable How to make a Dreamcatcher!!2 months ago
    How to make a Dreamcatcher!!

    Do you mean candy beads like the kind you can buy on cheap elastic and eat as you walk along or sit reading or whatever? Dream catchers are a lot of work for something that will not last. If bugs or mice don't get to them, the kids will. They've always been my kids' favorite candy and I like them myself. I'd suggest glass, wood, clay,or even paper or plastic if you plan to use beads. (There are youtube videos on how to make paper beads. We have a lot of fun making them.)

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  • lovethebackwoods followed nobhasorn2 months ago
  • Deck of Cards in a Bottle (It's a puzzle!)

    I have a bottle almost big enough for the neighbor's dog, and that is about where it is going to end up if it doesn't quit leaving calling cards all over my yard!

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  • Tables of 6, 7, 8 and 9 in your hands

    This is interesting. It reminds me of the old Trachtenburg (sp?) Math that was popular in areas of this country when I was a kid. The paper cover to the hardback book was white with blue and purple stripes on the front, and black letters. My dad, who never went to college but was incredibly gifted with anything math, among other topics, read the book once and taught the method to countless people - except me. I am very dyslexic and am impossibly stumped and frustrated when it comes to tasks requiring sequencing. I'm sure this is part of why my special ed students make so much sense to me! I sat here for way too long trying to match fingers from one hand to the other and was finally about ready to chop off my hands. Thank God for calculators!

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  • 8 Pool Noodle Life Hacks & Diy's

    I wish my parents were alive to read all of this; they died decades before such fanciful items were invented. I can hear my mother warning me not to try to cook spaghetti noodles in cold, dirty swimming pools!I slit a pool noodle lengthwise and cut it into lengths to wrap on the back rack of my four-wheeler. This helps protect loads, as well as my legs, when my buddy drives the four-wheeler and expects me to sit on the back!

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  •  Unusual Life Hacks Of Super Strong Neodymium Magnet

    geetrex, great ideas; thanx. I have been looking for a magnet expert; you or a magnet-geek reader may be able to help me. About 2 1/2 years ago I went through a great deal of unanticipated stress. A family member was arrested on serious charges and sent to prison for about 18 months, I was tasked with cleaning out the place where he'd been staying, another family member went through a divorce, I developed stress shingles, and then pneumonia a month later.Wiithin a short time, certain items that can become disabled by strong magnets simply stopped working when placed in my hands or lap! These included two brand new TENS pain-control units, two brand new laptops (at work, no less!), a new GPS unit, and a couple of lesser devices. The laptop was brought to my office, set on the desk, set up for me by the site techie, and sent home with me. I then sat it on my lap to show my husband and the screen almost instantly began running as if on fast (and stopless) scroll. I took it back to work, swore to the techie that it had not been dropped, subjected to extremes of temperature, been anywhere near any liquid, etc. She looked doubtful but accepted it back without comment. Several weeks later she brought me a brand new replacement laptop. She sat down next to me on a bench, turned it on and set it up, then handed it carefully to me. I held the laptop firmly, set it carefully on my lap - and lo and behold! The screen immediately began to roll on fast-scroll and nothing could stop it. The site techie stared at me and I reiterated that this was exactly what had happened the first time. She had never seen anything like this before but believed what she had just seen, although she could not account for it. I concluded that the recent stress overload seriously disrupted my body's magnetism. I am not a trained scientist or medical worker and I'm really not sure how I arrived at that conclusion but I remain convinced. Can anyone venture any theories? (P.S. - I was never offered a third brand-new laptop!)

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