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jingo695 years ago
btw I know I sound stupid but how do I hyperlink my comments to an instructable?
jingo69 jingo695 years ago
also can I join your car contest? =D
gunner10896 years ago
 Hey, is there any way you could make some cool vehicles with the bricks. I don't have the bricks but they seem to make vehicles look cooler. You could even put the bricks on my truck. I would like to see some instructions for a cool vehicle in the future. Let me know when you make something cool.
lukas rider (author)  gunner10896 years ago
 did you see my semi
TSC lukas rider5 years ago
Hey can you please vote for my instructable!
TSC6 years ago
Can you please vote for me in the dad can do family fun contest here is the link !!! Thanks!!
TSC6 years ago
Will you please vote for my instructables in the usb conest!! http://www.instructables.com/id/USB-fan-2/!!! http://www.instructables.com/id/Nerf-electronic-gun/!!!!
TSC6 years ago
Hey can you vote for me in the garden contest  here is the link to my instructable
www.instructables.com/id/Garden-cabinet/ thanks!!!!!!!!!
TSC6 years ago
Thanks for Subscribing to me!!
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