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  • mad_b commented on 32ggd's instructable Another Simple Flea Trap7 months ago
    Another Simple Flea Trap

    No heat needed? Maybe a heat source (like a small 7W incandescent lamp) could provide better results. Fleas are attracted mainly by heat (people and pets do not emit visible light, just IR) :)

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  • mad_b commented on bizydad's instructable Wood Burning Pool Heater7 months ago
    Wood Burning Pool Heater

    HI! this is a cool work! I would recommend search a bit on the net about "rocket stoves", if you want to have a more efficient energy conversion. You will find that the rocket stove has more than 90% of efficiency, thus allowing to consume less wood (or have more heat). An "open" fire like yours generates lots of smoke and wastes most of the wood stored energy.

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  • mad_b commented on boston09's instructable Hidden Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry 7 months ago
    Hidden Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry

    Usually refrigerator manufacturers recommend leave a few space ~50 millimeters or more on all sides of the equipment, to allow air to flow; however, if one does not decides to fill ALL space around the refrigerator, things should not post a problem. But is good to pay attention in case a particular refrigerator niche is relying on all the space around it in order to function correctly. In practice heat goes up, so upper space is the most important anyway. I have seen below some comment(s) and noted by experience that in fact, region around the refrigerator do get moist and hot. And as such, the wood would need a good paint/finish to avoid a quick dirt and fungus buildup, and in the spices not hermetically sealed as well.

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