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ynze5 years ago
Hi! Thnx for subscribing to me!
masterochicken (author)  ynze5 years ago
Don't thank me. I like your work.
I'm requesting too add my 'ibles to your group because if you make them right, you can do whatever you want to them(exept untie or burn) them and they wont break
masterochicken (author)  BuffaloNickel7 years ago
I'm not so sure about this group, but I gave them 5* and added them to the jewelery group. I just thought it was more fitting. If you really think it fits the tough clothing group tell me and I will add it.
Lego man8 years ago
Wow nice new avatar, I didn't recognize you at first. Is that your car?
masterochicken (author)  Lego man8 years ago
Yeah. I just got it.