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mpmuebles1 year ago

You really do incredible things!!

matson23 (author)  mpmuebles1 year ago
Thank you, that's very kind! :)
snowrose882 years ago

Love the helmets ^^,

matson23 (author)  snowrose882 years ago

thank you!

Is there any way I could get one of the Fallout 3 T-45d Helmet

matson23 (author)  inf3ct3d R3x2 years ago
Hey, there is only one helmet, I dont do casting, I only make one offs and its not for sale sorry, I am looking into starting casts but it my be some time before I can start doing them.
M3G2 years ago
Thanks for following!
The Rambler3 years ago
Hey man, thanks for following! And thanks for answering my questions. I'm on such a tight budget that I try to get as much info as possible before actually investing any money into a project. I can't wait to actually start fiberglassing one of mine and I'll definitely be referencing back to yours as I go (I might even pester you with some more questions). Anyways thanks for sharing your work.
matson23 (author)  The Rambler3 years ago
Hey man, yeah I know the restraints of working on a budget don't worry, best to plan ahead! Look forward to seeing your next project! And feel free to message any time, and if I can help I'm more than happy to help a fellow maker! Good luck dude! :)