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Yonatan249 months ago

Thanks For Following!

Nice project... Interesting that you built all this out of tinker sets and lego's ... you my friend are a true engineer!!

ewilhelm1 year ago

I love your Instructables. Any chance you might visit San Francisco? I'd love to show you around our lab at Pier 9.

matstermind (author)  ewilhelm1 year ago

I always enjoy seeing new places and would like to visit San Francisco, however, I don't have any plans in the foreseeable future to travel outside of Indiana, and don't have the funds to do so even if I could. But thanks for the offer!

ttreurniet2 years ago
sorry I have been trying to contact you for a while, getting errors with the regular comment system. I did send a message through youtube but I think thats processed through google+ and nobody uses that.
I had a question about your 3d printer. I am building it and almost completed the lego part now but I dont really understand how you did the extruder thing with the glue gun. Do you maybe have some instructions or pictures of it?
matstermind (author)  ttreurniet2 years ago
sorry about the errors I can take more pictures, but is there anything specific that is confusing? (i.e. how the glue gun is mounted, how its is fed hot glue, etc?)
yes, that and you said you used a high torque motor for feeding? I saw a detailed instructable about a glue gun extruder but it looked a lot more complicated with gears and stuff. thanks for the effort
matstermind (author)  ttreurniet2 years ago
   Yes, I took a motor from and old VHS camcorder that was used to turn the focusing lens. This motor has a reduction gearbox built on to it to decrease the speed and thus increase the torque. I then attached a lego gear to the motor and used a chain to connect the motor to another set of lego gears that reduced the speed even further (the several gears you see on top) the slowest pushes a piston downward which pushes the mini hotglue sticks through the gun.

   My system is a little more complicated in some respects than the hot glue extruder that you saw, but I didn't think of trying to push the glue that way. I will take some more pictures later today, hopefully that will help. Good luck on your build!

Okay that cleared things up. In the ldd file its a bit hard to see where the gears go and I didnt really know what was used for the extruder and which for the vertical movement.
pics would still clear some things up though.

Thank you!
GeekBeam6 years ago
why thank you for subscribing to me, the rare breed of subscriber is rare for me, the commentors are another thing but let us not get into that...hhhmmm where was I? oh yes, thanks for the subscription, I have subbed back
i like the gun you made, if only i could make it revolving, then that would attract SOO man views
matstermind (author)  GeekBeam6 years ago
that was my original idea, and have been trying ever since to make one, but everything i try never works :'( ps. i like your iris
thanks, i'm trying my est to go into unexplored territory for this site
matstermind (author)  GeekBeam6 years ago
good, there have been to many repeats or pointless guns/objects recently, occasionally a good one but not many