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  • maverick500 commented on seamster's instructable 12 Unusual Uses for Nails1 month ago
    12 Unusual Uses for Nails

    jabony1269, do you have an instructable for your crosses? They are beautiful and would love making a few of these for members of our Church and family.Thank you, Paul

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  • Toggle Clamp - Grampo de Aperto Rápido em Metal

    That is a clever design for an industrial clamp my friend!! A little modification and it could be adapted for a "T" track system. All from scrap and can be completed in no time. Thank you for the great photos, drawings, and links.

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  • Kane Tsugi Joint  -  Three way pinned corner mitre

    That is one GORGEOUS joint!!! And your skills are that of a craftsman. Love the Japanese Back Saws! Where might one use that type of joint?Thank you for the instructable. Even if someone would never have a use for that joint, you should attempt it to hone your own skills.

    I apologize ratmanistructer. After I sent the comment, I took another look at the joint and realized in the final photo, that if stood up, all the pieces are perpendicular and it forms perfect 90 degree angles....DAHHHHH,Could it be that these joints were developed to withstand hurricanes? With no glue century's ago, a little moisture would tighten them up considerably and those baby's aren't going anywhere! Thank you again, that is just one beautiful joint.

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