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mayday12 (author) 1 year ago
so can everybody here see when I post this comment? I entered the outdoors project contest. Anybody else?
CoyN1 mayday126 months ago

I have no clue what that is.

mayday12 (author)  CoyN16 months ago
Oh, that was a while ago.
thing 22 years ago
I'd love to see more airsoft stuff if you come up with any. :)
mayday12 (author)  thing 22 years ago
i have a couple but i haven't gotten around to finishing them...
Can't wait, but don't forget to take your time. :D
mayday12 (author)  thing 22 years ago
i've been trying... Well sort of... I dont understand how to add pictures
Love your oatmeal ranting. I enjoy oatmeal also
mayday12 (author)  orange__crush2 years ago
mayday12 (author) 2 years ago
I'm confused on how this orange board works. Is it just a "circle" of followers chatting?
Meh i don't really get it eather
mayday12 (author)  Dusk Shadows2 years ago
nevermind, i understand it completely now.
mayday12 (author)  Dusk Shadows2 years ago
Merry Christmas! Stopped to say hi
Hi! and Merry Christmas to you too