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mayday12 (author) 9 months ago
so can everybody here see when I post this comment? I entered the outdoors project contest. Anybody else?
thing 21 year ago
I'd love to see more airsoft stuff if you come up with any. :)
mayday12 (author)  thing 21 year ago
i have a couple but i haven't gotten around to finishing them...
Can't wait, but don't forget to take your time. :D
mayday12 (author)  thing 21 year ago
i've been trying... Well sort of... I dont understand how to add pictures
Love your oatmeal ranting. I enjoy oatmeal also
mayday12 (author)  orange__crush1 year ago
mayday12 (author) 1 year ago
I'm confused on how this orange board works. Is it just a "circle" of followers chatting?
Meh i don't really get it eather
mayday12 (author)  Dusk Shadows1 year ago
nevermind, i understand it completely now.
mayday12 (author)  Dusk Shadows1 year ago
Merry Christmas! Stopped to say hi
Hi! and Merry Christmas to you too
mayday12 (author)  Dusk Shadows1 year ago
What does sending a patch do?
Its just a virtial congrats pretty much for people you like but u only get them if ur a pro i'd give u one if i had any left