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gunnergrady8 years ago
i too like your hair.
meganlickslemons (author)  gunnergrady8 years ago
haha my hair is crazies
It is. I know somebody who has a similar style, but straighter.
grant08 years ago
your hair is amazing. and welcome to instructables!
meganlickslemons (author)  grant08 years ago
hahah awww why thank you
im megan how are you=)
i am grant! i am doing well thank you. how are you? how is your hair? is that not a NEW PICTURE? instructables is the new facebook.
meganlickslemons (author)  grant08 years ago
haha yes i put up several haha my hair is quite curly most people find my scoreing level bad they said i was too passifisct
grant0 grant08 years ago
also: you are nice on threadless! average score 4.88? my average rating on threadless is 3.67, and i've scored 157 subs. maybe i'm too mean.

i am grant0 there too. profile/ slogans

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