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crestind9 years ago
Cool avatar! Made with GameMaker?
mepaine (author)  crestind9 years ago
Yeah! + P
Danny9 years ago
hey! got any lego projects atm?
Mepain Danny9 years ago
R u on?
Danny Mepain9 years ago
Mepain Danny9 years ago
Did you read the comment below this one? What do you think?
Danny Mepain9 years ago
yes i did and erm i dont get wat u mean transforms into wat btw i took so long to reply coz ive been to the skate park thast made outa dried mud lol
Mepain Danny9 years ago
Car into robot...
Danny Mepain9 years ago
sounds good
mepaine (author)  Danny9 years ago
I made a sweet lego transformer... if that counts as anything.
Easy Button9 years ago
i have joined your new group hows that paper crossbow thing going
Still gathering up newspapers... : /
Danny Mepain9 years ago
i know! start a paper round and not do them for a week the quit and u get like 300 lol
oh ...