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  • mgalyean commented on amalkhan's instructable Water Cups Prank8 months ago
    Water Cups Prank

    One could lay a sheet of 4x8' 1/4" plywood across the top and walk carefully over it.

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  • WiFi Password Cracking Indicator for Your Router with LinkIt Smart

    Just writing "tittle" instead of "title" will likely increase traffic.

    Just writing "tittle" instead of "title" will likely increase traffic.

    I will be sure to not click on your 'ibles in the future even if the title looks interesting. Fool me once, shame on me...

    Actual Reality: Even if the owner set the SSID as "hidden", the SSID can still be read from probe and probe response packets monitored when another user connects. The BSSID can be used to filter for the probe packets and the BSSID can be had from the beacon frames that all APs send out, even if the SSID field in the beacon frame is "hidden". Security always comes through encryption, never through obscurity.

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