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The microstill is a home appliance to prepare spirits. Design and software are freely avialable.


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    1. Thanks for your compliments and corrections. I did update the instructable accordingly and highly appreciate these suggestion. The instrutable should to be clear and concise.2. The microstill is to make whisky or brandy from wash or wine, respectively. To make the wash/wine is covered elsewhere. Still, I am planning on building a fermenter (the next Arduino project). The fermenter would constantly produce wash that is feeding into the microstill.3. Actually this is my first Arduino project. I love that thing!

    The design originates from two problems.1. A batch still requires your constant attendance. - In contast the microstill can run unattended for some time. The continuous process is constantly monitored by the electronics.2. In Germany, stills with a total volume of 0.5 liter are not regulated. A private household can run such small still, as it is considered to produce little amounts only.

    Thanks for your comments. I fully agree!Just want to add two thoughts.1. Since it is a DIY project scaling up the microstill is a piece of cake. The throughput can be increased by:* wider and longer pipes,* stronger heater, and* increased pump rate.2. As pointed out, the microstill properties matches a column/reflux still. However, if one reduces the copper mesh at the top of the column, the behaviour will change. The rectification will be reduced and one can use it as stripping still.

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