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mary candy5 years ago
shmyt5 years ago
Love your ibles! Btw I'm going to be basing one of my projects off your werewolf head so long as you don't mind.
btakahashi7 years ago
just a quick help question, on yur werewolf costume can you tell e how the lower jaw is connected to the wire hook? I can't see how tif he hook connects to the lower jaw by the elastic or something else thanks. BT
jovino8 years ago
oi__lads8 years ago
HEEEEEEEY! who'da thunk you were on here, mel. but i suppose i should've expected it. yer so handy. cheers!
missmonster (author)  oi__lads8 years ago
hey hey! Who's this? :)
this be Kou. might know me from my blog, http://haricotvert.livejournal.com/ LOVE yer artwork.
missmonster (author)  oi__lads8 years ago
hey! yeah i know you! :D
awesome! how's yer job going? motorola, yeah?

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