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  • misterrauh commented on misterrauh's instructable 740 Stomper Parade Bike3 months ago
    740 Stomper Parade Bike

    Oh sorry! I should clarify a bit. We do allow motorized vehicles in parades but we were in an "All Horse" parade so they didn't want anything that could spook a horse. If you're curious about the 740 stompers, just look on youtube it will make sense after that. Basically men dance poorly and people love it so they may donate canned goods or that sort of thing. the 610 Stompers are the original and best. They are in Macy's thanksgiving parade and also do Saints halftimes on occasion.

    Good question! When empty, you have to really commit to your right turns. A left turn is nice and tight but a right turn makes the sidecar want to lift up. It's a little easier with a 20 pound stereo there and a cooler of chilly drinks.

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