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  • Storing Bulk Dry Foods in PETE Bottles using Oxygen Absorbers

    Do you think that whole grains can be stored in this manner, using PETE bottles? And if only whole grains are stored how can a person grind the grains?

    I might have missed it in this does one identify reusable PETE bottles?

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  • mlm_1950 commented on p_leriche's instructable How to service a sewing machine2 years ago
    How to service a sewing machine

    Would the fluff, as you call it, affect the grabbing capability of the feeders? I was thinking that my machine might have been ruined by using it for thick materials, but maybe I need to deep clean it?

    I double checked the manual and I only found an area where it read how to clean under the plate for the feeders, but nothing about adjusting them. My hands are not very dexterous due to the onset of arthritis, but I found a coin as suggested and that worked better than using the small screwdriver. I am embarrassed to say that the feeders were almost plugged up on the left side! I am happy to say that I now have a Brother sewing machine that runs well! Thank you for the site. I saved it.

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