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  • 10 $ portable Arduino weather station (AWS)

    I'm working on something similar.So far I have the DHT and I'm waiting to receive the BMP.It works with Arduino UNO but I aim to have it working on Digispark.I have an issue with the DHT11, I have two of them placed side by side, the temperature measured is the same from the two but the humidity is not, I got 10/15% of difference.Are you experiencing similar issue?Also I think you should share schematics of your work, it's a most valuable info respect to pictures of "making the circuit".

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  • How to Make a DIY 900°С Mini Alcohol Burner

    On top of safety concerns I do not recommend to use electronic components that have been desoldered at such high temperature.Electronic component have to be used within the specification limits, the temperature reached during soldering and desoldering operations are in the datasheet. My suggestion is never exceed 240/250dC.Tin melt at ~220dC, there is no real need to go over such temperature.

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