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Knexman153 years ago
oh, just wanted you to check it out and maybe biuld it and tell me how it is
moxx (author)  Knexman153 years ago
honestly i have so much stuff built that i'm either changing or creating that i don't have enough pieces for anything that big.
Knexman153 years ago
hey could you check out my rifle???? Thanks!
moxx (author)  Knexman153 years ago
what exactly do you want my opinion on?
Knexman153 years ago
you have some really cool stuff, your sword might be my favorite, but i think you try making some REALY powerful rifle, if you like. think about it.
moxx (author)  Knexman153 years ago
i have tried but they never turn out right. ill give it another try though.
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moxx (author)  DELETED_Blue Mullet3 years ago
i guess thats a compliment so ty
instruct394 years ago
hey budy, i made a new group, will you join? its called sub4sub
moxx (author)  instruct394 years ago
what is the purpose of being in a group?
instruct39 moxx4 years ago
thats a good question, im not really sure. i asked it in answers