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  • natrinicle commented on natrinicle's instructable A/C Mister9 months ago
    A/C Mister

    Wow! That looks awesome! The two wire ordering shouldn't matter since the current is alternating (AC) as opposed to direct (DC). With AC the positive and negative polarity are switching 60 times per second in the US and 50 times per second in most of Europe so you can connect either wire to either terminal on most AC devices. Good call on disconnecting the power, never can be too careful. I also love how easy yours would be to remove in case you need to repair the A/C in the future.

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  • natrinicle commented on natrinicle's instructable A/C Mister10 months ago
    A/C Mister

    I tried a few different iterations but then got distracted and left it half intact. My recommendation is to use smaller personal misters rather than garden misters as they disperse the water into smaller drops.

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  • Setting Up Ubuntu as a Kiosk Web Appliance

    To be completely honest, I haven't tried this in years. It might work but I've been tempted to take down the article until I could verify it. I can't imagine the desktop files would have changed that much but there might be a few minor tweaks that need to be discovered.

    Yeah, you should be able to in step 6 by replacing the chromium line in /usr/share/xsessions/ with your own application.

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  • Preparing a Hardware Independent Windows 7 Image

    If I recall correctly (and it's been years so I may not), you don't put anything in and it will prompt you for it as you boot up the system on each new machine.

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