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I love your art it's the kind of thing i dream of doing but don't have time, materials or tools... So far I've had to stick to wooden monsters... Unfotrunately I'm not able to do any after being thrown out of school I have no access to the tools necessary (could get by with a jigsaw but it's dead) Also a visitor to the school I went to before that wanted to sue me because my piece was on display and he hurt himself somehow. Your art style is great, If i lived in USA I'd have an old cadillac turned into things rathe than vaccuum cleaners (I like the details on them) I would love to see art like this in northern Ireland but too many people are only just getting out of the old country landscapes and stuff... by the way I believe you about the bin lorries but our ones are actualy derived from earwigs and scorpions...
Thanks for the post on my Your Art topic. Today I decided to make it more organised and hence created the Your Art group. Join if you want.
Your a great sculpter! I would love for you to post more images of your fantastic sculptures and share your knowlage on the link below. Thanks!

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Welcome to Instructables! I'd love to get you on our Show and Tell/party invite list. Send either me or canida a private message.