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thankx for following !

MoTinkerGNome3 months ago

Thank you for subscribing. It is the fans of my work that keep me wanting to document my tinkerings. I hope you have enjoyed my instructables. Have a great day.

Zixc4 months ago

ty for following me :)

nerd7473 (author)  Zixc4 months ago


Thanks for the follow! :)

nerd7473 (author)  xKOBAYASHIMARUx4 months ago

you are welcome

Pure Carbon8 months ago

Thanks for following me, also be sure to check out my youtube channel where I will be posting lots of cool stuff and subscribe to me there.

Here's the link:


nerd7473 (author)  Pure Carbon8 months ago

You are welcome

nerd7473 (author)  Pure Carbon8 months ago

Ok Just subscribed to you

nerd7473 (author)  Pure Carbon8 months ago

The link didn't work took me to youtube not the channel

Kiteman1 year ago

Cool sonic screwdriver - are you going to post it?

nerd7473 (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

Probably and make one over how to make another one that has interchangeable LEDs


nerd7473 (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

Or a bi-color LED