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Which program do you use to make the profile pictures? Just wondering :D

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210452 days ago

Sorry man, but a magician never reveals his trade secrets (bad for bussiness). ;) But you can find out if you look closely and pretty far back. The art answer you are looking for is in the pictures. If you want to know, you must solve my riddle.

Haha! I can understand. That riddle is related to whose picture? Yours or mine?

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210452 days ago

Actually, that is not the solution. Read the riddle more closely!

Ok ok, wait a second. Could you write the riddle in the next comment again? I'm getting a bit confused what is the riddle. :P

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat2104522 hours ago

Haha if you want to find out, just look back through my Instructables. Please dont share the info though.

Ok, thanks for the advice (I got it :P). Even though I know the software, I will still be coming to you for those profile pics :D

Here are those new pics (I would really like if you could give me versions in both of those pics, but if I'm being pushy, just tell me):


Ok! I'll see what I can do! (No you aren't pushy, I've hust had a lot to do lately, so it has taken me longer to get this done). :)

JonnyBGood1 month ago

Hey long time no see!

Just wanted to see what was up? Anything new ible' wise?

nerfrocketeer (author)  JonnyBGood29 days ago
Hey bro, wazup! Haha yeah sorry I haven't been talking too much lately... Stupid school. I'll definitely be back full force come May-June through August-September. I have a new Nerf post collab with Hunter999 that I published today, and I am building up my 20 entries for the K'nex contest this summer.

How about you? Do you want a new picture? I've been meaning to make you another one for some time now. :D

Feel free to check out my Nerf Centurion ible (my 111th) if you get a chance! :D

Say what now? Something about a knex contest this summer? Anyway that's alright, I know school makes it hard to be here because it is much more important.

If you want to make me a new picture and have the time for it, feel free!

Yep, mikasaurus confirmed! Looks like we have to think of innovative ideas again!

Good luck! :-)

Alright! Something to look forward too other than Knex War 2014!

Good luck to you as well! As for me, there are plenty more vintage games that need to be built out of knex so I've already got plans.

nerfrocketeer (author)  JonnyBGood27 days ago

Have KW '14 farther south in Ohio this time and maybe I can make it! Haha :P


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