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nerfrocketeer (author) 1 month ago
Mupul Muspi Murcalumis. Anactim. Sicimini susrevda. You will never know.
nerfrocketeer (author) 2 months ago

Woohoo! I finally have been featured with and Instructable that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with K'nex! It took 121 tries but here it is!

akshat210453 months ago

Hey man,

Could you make me a new profile picture in this week or two? I think that this one is getting old...


nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210453 months ago
Sure I have one, but on a different device... Wait till Ivan get to it for me to show you...

Ok, I'm waiting. Nothing in particular, it's up to you!

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210453 months ago

Here's an option, Megaflected Username. In spray paint neon with a twilight finish. You like, or want something else? Modifications, or restart?


Me like :P

Of course I could always see a few more options, that is, if you have time. Nut if you don't, I'll go on with this one!

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210453 months ago

Well I have been a little busy, Nut I can find time for my 'Ibler friends. What's on your mind? :P

Ok, I'll use this one. However, do make more whenever you get time. Surprise me!

PS- Start using autocorrect on your iPhone.

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210453 months ago

Lol read the comment I was replying to-yours. "Nut if you don't..."

I'll get you some more options soon.

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210453 months ago

Or would you like anything in particular?

nerfrocketeer (author) 3 months ago

Please take a look at a blog I co-author and read some of it! Much appreciated!

The Life of a Wolf, a wolf activism story:


-The AnActs Team, Nerfrock (NK), Toby Jakobsen, and Mitch R.

nerfrocketeer (author)  nerfrocketeer3 months ago

Also, good news, I've been accepted for publish in The National Wolfwatcher Coalition's anthology, coming out next year! I'll keep you updated!

(I'm very busy, so I may not be around as much for the next few months, but I'll respond quickly to comments, and leave comments of my own...)

Nice profile! I can't wait to see what you make next:D Thanks for sharing with the community!

nerfrocketeer (author)  KyleTheCreator3 months ago
Thank you for your nice comment! I appreciate it! Congrats on winning the rooms contest yourself! Your channel is cool!