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nerfrocketeer (author) 13 days ago

Please check out a new blog story compiled by me and my affiliates! Your feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

nerfrocketeer (author) 25 days ago

Do you love wolves? Are you interested in getting a free Pro Membership? Click Here for more information!

Comments are welcome, and we would really appreciate some submissions before July 1st!

myOmy22 days ago

And my K'nerf Instuctable is up and running

nerfrocketeer (author)  myOmy22 days ago

Great man! Checked it out and left my thoughts. I'll have a collab suggestion for you, but I want to post an example ible first to show you.

did you say something about a collab? :P

okie dokie, I'm fine with that.

nerfrocketeer (author)  myOmy21 days ago


Hey, I used one of your idea (The Cane) and posted an i'ble.

Tell me what you think, and if you think it's worthy, please vote!

Thanks for the ideas.

akshat2104510 days ago

Uh, got some ideas for the contest that I could build? I am broke XD

nerfrocketeer (author)  akshat210455 days ago

I'll send them in a PM

nerfrocketeer (author)  nerfrocketeer3 days ago

Lemme know if you got it!

myOmy23 days ago

check out my profile pic, instructable will be up tommorow

nerfrocketeer (author)  myOmy22 days ago


Triclaw29 days ago

hey thanks for the follow did you see my jig

nerfrocketeer (author)  Triclaw29 days ago

Also I want to thank you because you are the first person ever to include one of my Instructables in a guide! I'm honored! Thank you! :D