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nerfrocketeer (author) 3 months ago
Mupul Muspi Murcalumis. Anactim. Sicimini susrevda. You will never know.

I want to say these are animal species names... I don't know. Typed it into google translate and got the same stuff, but "over there" appeared at some point. Very, very tricky. :/

nerfrocketeer (author)  Knex2thelimit1 month ago

Haha, ok, glad you took interest! !nitaL wonk uoy epoh I .sdrawkcab meht gnidaer yrT

Figured it out: "Against enimies. Mitcana. His stuatue of the wolf." Very interesting. :)


nerfrocketeer (author)  Knex2thelimit1 month ago

Close, but not 100% yet!

Phantom Wolf Pack. (Similacrum Ipsum Lupum)

We Earn Respect. (AnActim)

We Face our Enemies. (Adversus Inimicis).

So, all together, it says: "We are the Phantom Wolf Pack. We earn respect, and we face our enemies." It's a mixture of Inuit and Aleut phrases and latin dictation.

It is the creed of the elite division of my Nerf Army, and then some... ;)

That makes perfect sense. It's really cool that your nerf group has its own creed. ;)

nerfrocketeer (author)  Knex2thelimit1 month ago

Part of it. There are 5 main divisions, with multiple subdivisions. This motto is only for one of the smaller, more elite, and more secret divisions, codnamed the NKPWP, which is a subdivision of the NKSA. Beyond that though, it's all top secret.

You can see all of that here:

Sounds cool

nerfrocketeer (author)  nerfrocketeer1 month ago

(Hence my profile picture).

Thanks for subscribing!

nerfrocketeer (author)  Knex2thelimit1 month ago

No problem!

Step on that gas pedal!

HAPPY 2015! Lets make this year an action packed year full of knex guns! 2014 SUCKED, we can do better!

nerfrocketeer (author)  Blue Mullet 21 month ago

Happy January 14th! Lol. I hope some new good knexers pop up this year like they did back in 2013!

nerfrocketeer (author) 4 months ago

Woohoo! I finally have been featured with and Instructable that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with K'nex! It took 121 tries but here it is!