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nerfrocketeer (author) 14 days ago

Nerfrock' is back a little earlier than expected-but also for an indefinite amount of time. I'll be back completely in May.

You seem very knowledgeable about nerf. Can you help me with something?

If so:

My Nitron fires when I pull the acceleration trigger (both revs and fires).

It acts like it's a stampede.

What do I do to fix it? Why is it doing that? Should I just scrap it and get a Rapidstrike?

This would actually be cool if it did this on the firing trigger pull.

Of course I am! It's jammed. You need to pull the main trigger with your finger (even if it doesn't move) and then pull the accel trig. That should probably unjam it. It happens to my Rapidstrike sometimes. If not, it is possible that the wires are exposed somehow and are closing their circuit.

Ok, I don't think I was detailed enough. When I pull accel it will actually shoot discs on its usual full auto. I didn't even touch the firing trig. I will try option 2 and open it up.

Oh, and if I cannot salvage it, should I buy a Rapidstrike? Are they good.

Definitely-even if you can fix it you should get a Rapidstrike. They're awesome!


nerfrocketeer (author) 2 days ago

Click to play.

nerfrocketeer (author) 4 months ago
Mupul Muspi Murcalumis. Anactim. Sicimini susrevda. You will never know.

Wolves kill us (unarmed people, sometimes even armed) and our pets and you say we should protect them?

More like bust out the sharpshooters.

They turn poor cats into a snack.

Our dogs become their dinner.

If they get in our homes or cars, they shred them up and we're not allowed to shoot them? That is bad. Sometimes, insurance won't cover "mongrels destroyed it". Humans are the dominant species, and we should not cater to these barbarians' needs.

You have good motives, just try less of a vile creature as AnActs's primary animal. They carry parasites, and wolf attack survivors die afterwards of incurable infections or their injuries. If they do make it through, they are traumatized for LIFE.

Try some kind of exotic bird or other endangered species.

Let the wolves die. They are vile, infectious creatures that should draw cars to their faces when in the road.

I support AnActs, just not wolf protection. If I voted, I would have voted for the wolf hunts to be legalized, which ended up happening. Our government has just made me happy. In Michigan, we can hunt wolves now. YAY.

I want to say these are animal species names... I don't know. Typed it into google translate and got the same stuff, but "over there" appeared at some point. Very, very tricky. :/

nerfrocketeer (author)  Knex2thelimit2 months ago

Haha, ok, glad you took interest! !nitaL wonk uoy epoh I .sdrawkcab meht gnidaer yrT

Figured it out: "Against enimies. Mitcana. His stuatue of the wolf." Very interesting. :)


nerfrocketeer (author)  Knex2thelimit2 months ago

Close, but not 100% yet!

Phantom Wolf Pack. (Similacrum Ipsum Lupum)

We Earn Respect. (AnActim)

We Face our Enemies. (Adversus Inimicis).

So, all together, it says: "We are the Phantom Wolf Pack. We earn respect, and we face our enemies." It's a mixture of Inuit and Aleut phrases and latin dictation.

It is the creed of the elite division of my Nerf Army, and then some... ;)