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nerfrocketeer (author) 5 months ago

Not going to post another "I'm back" message, because I have always been here. I AM, however, going to say that I have some new projects planned and ready to publish at the right time. I will likely no longer be making K'nex guides, but I will be branching out into other topics. No guarantees, but stay tuned!

nerfrocketeer (author)  nerfrocketeer5 months ago

If you're an old Instructables friend/acquaintance of mine, send me a PM.


Blue Mullet

Red Book of Westmarch

E Pluribus Unum




www13920 days ago

Thanks for subscribing!

nerfrocketeer (author) 1 year ago

Click to play.



nerfrocketeer (author) 8 months ago

Need to clear something. Spacefiller in.

hunter9991 year ago

New Instructable is up. Feel free to check it out when you have the time :D

nerfrocketeer (author)  hunter9991 year ago

Will do!

You seem very knowledgeable about nerf. Can you help me with something?

If so:

My Nitron fires when I pull the acceleration trigger (both revs and fires).

It acts like it's a stampede.

What do I do to fix it? Why is it doing that? Should I just scrap it and get a Rapidstrike?

This would actually be cool if it did this on the firing trigger pull.

I know I'm late, and not visibly knowledgeable at nerf, but I have rewired a nerf Nitron so I do know what I'm talking about.

My first question is, did you do any internal mods or have you take the blaster apart before?

I'm assuming you have, because the trigger lock should prevent you from pulling the trigger without the rev trigger. Also the rev trigger will stay down if you hold trigger but release the rev trigger after holding it. That's a lock that prevents you from shoving discs into the flywheel when its not spinning.

If you modified it then you may have wired the board incorrectly on the inside. You also may have put the trigger lock back in incorrectly , which may link the triggers.

Secondly if no to the first question, Have you done or tried any voltage mods?

If so.... well than its hard to tell what exactly is wrong without testing each individual component. Most likely the board has a short circuit has a short in it providing power to both motors simultaneously. Also one of the microswitches on the inside may have burnt out, so test the trigger and rev trigger switches.

Lastly like Nerfrocketeer said, buying a rapidstrike is always worth it.

It is stock, no mods. I dropped it once, though. This would be cool if it were the firing trigger. I am not an experienced modder, and my stryfe mods are durable but sloppy on the inside. I would never try something I am not ready to do. I think the nitron is just a piece of cr*p though. No wonder it was on clearance when I bought it... Got it for 20 bucks rather than 50. Planning on grabbing a rapidstrike (maybe a modulus if it comes out early, or has a soft release in the US) in the summer.

If your tips don't work, I will try to just deal with it. It still shoots, just one trigger is used though. I might try to rewire it so only firing trigger fires it with a delay of 3 seconds before firing (for max range) and take out locks. Personally, I think I broke the wiring for the firing trigger.

Okay! I do agree with your theory (and opinion of the Nitron) it is rather un-spectacular stock. A wire could have been bumped loose, and especially after rewiring one I know how likely that could be. I rewired mine to fire faster, about 6 discs a second faster and I find it a lot more practical with a higher fire rate. Just an opinion though, I prefer capacity over accuracy....

I'd still recommend a rapidstrike becasue it is the most reliable and (only?) clip system blaster as of right now. As Coop772 says the only thing bettter than a Stryfe is a full auto stryfe, and that's a rapidstrike.

Of course I am! It's jammed. You need to pull the main trigger with your finger (even if it doesn't move) and then pull the accel trig. That should probably unjam it. It happens to my Rapidstrike sometimes. If not, it is possible that the wires are exposed somehow and are closing their circuit.

Ok, I don't think I was detailed enough. When I pull accel it will actually shoot discs on its usual full auto. I didn't even touch the firing trig. I will try option 2 and open it up.

Oh, and if I cannot salvage it, should I buy a Rapidstrike? Are they good.