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Electorials3 years ago

Thank you for subscribing :D
nottauser (author)  Electorials3 years ago
Your welcome ! and thanks for the quick reply which I just read about the laser setup and specificly safetey issues...Just need to know where to find the glasses you mentioned.
You have been very helpful and I am extremely greatful :)
Sincerely Rob.
No problem ;)

and I don't really know where you can buy the glasses :/ I think it's best to buy them on eBay or so.
nottauser (author)  Electorials3 years ago
I will be looking for some eye protection soon as I am anxious to get something built soon....I just tore apart a compact disc reader dated 1995
It was not anything special but I figured I would make it my first trial and I know It will not be something I will regret later if it doesn't work. I decided to save the circuit board and plan to clean out the capacitors and diodes etc for future projects. I would like to build a flyback like what You have outlined. So many projects and not enough time..Too many projects and Ideas are clogging the brain. ...How do You stay focused on one project at a time?
I find that hard to manage with all the cool stuff I come acrossed here.,I just wish I had some friends locally to collaborate with.none of my friends are as creative as I am much less curious about things too.
There's also nobody in my neighbourhood who is interested in this stuff, and I guess I just have more spare time that you because I don't have any trouble with too many projects clogging in my head :)
Sometimes I do write all my ideas down in a list and when I have some spare time, I pick one from that list.
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