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Sept. 28, 2008
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  • Gelfling6 commented on oddlyk1's instructable How to catch crickets!1 month ago
    How to catch crickets!

    Depends on what angle the bottle neck was.. Despite the untouched bottle in step 3, They CAN follow to the opening. But if they cannot climb to it, they stay inside. (too steep an incline, smooth wall.) If the neck of the bottle was facing downward, they simply crawl out after noshing the bait. if the neck opening was mid-air, (cut the top along the widest part, invert and insert the neck into the bottom piece), they cannot find it.. same way with a Carpenter Bee trap. they fal down through the small funnel in the center-top, but cannot fly back to get out of it.

    In step 3, the crickets aren't too dumb.. they Can find their way to the bottle neck, and climb out, though with some bottles, the neck is too steep an incline or too smooth, and they slide back in. Saw on Youtube, someone cut the bottle just below the neck, and inverted it into the bottom piece, then put a small piece of wood for the crickets to climb. result, they climb through the neck, but cannot reach it to get back out. Also, used small pieces of fruit allowed to spoil/rot a little as bait. (trying a cherry tomato I cut-up.) Trying to get a little 'Local Flavor' (pun) for a friend's Bearded Dragon. To the person who 6 yrs ago, worried about their frog dying, You CAN get live crickets & meal worms from the pet store, relatively cheap. wild crickets aren't the only source.

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