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  • pcoates commented on db85's instructable Bug Out Bag Tool To Consider9 months ago
    Bug Out Bag Tool To Consider

    My Bug Out kit is actually a Bug IN kit... I keep a lot of hand tools in my tool chest because power outages are a thing... and there are no outlets on the outside of my house and running a power cord through a door is sometimes just not an option for a small job...

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  • pcoates commented on RussianDude's instructable Caviar from Pepsi9 months ago
    Caviar from Pepsi

    I just tried making this with Canadian Whiskey! worked OK but took no time at all to get an opaque film over the 'caviar' and altering the look. I think the alcohol is leaching out of the food matrix and drying when it comes in contact with the air, so these (Alcohol ones) wont keep very long and should be used within an hour or so.

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