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poall the pics ou have
that flat cannon its a beast you really have to post it
plasmaspy (author)  dutchwarlord7 years ago
i took it apart sorry but i do have lotsa pics off the outside
yerjoking7 years ago
Any more guns?
yerjoking8 years ago
Wow, your flak cannon is really nice, looks like too many peices though =/
plasmaspy (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
yeah lol i had to make it in parts - make one bit buy peices make another buy more etc lol
So is it sear system or another or a normal ram?
plasmaspy (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
ok so it has a rod attatched to the long shot part.you push that through an internal barrel andtil it clicks in to the clip on the trigger that holds it back. you dont shoot the it s just for the trigger.the gun shoots knex wheels that you put into the 4 guiding rods (the black ones)
plasmaspy (author)  plasmaspy8 years ago
heres some pics to better show how ive done the tigger system.
knexhjdgjsf.JPGcamera picss 001.jpg
It looks good, but sounds complicated
I hate you so much lmao, anyway, fancy checking my new youtube video?
plasmaspy (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
yeah ok
yerjoking8 years ago
I have a new pistol aswell =D, I might post, its a mod of a rubberband gun, and I made it shoot knex, wanna see?
yerjoking8 years ago
Okay I think I like it as it is, it is a sorta breech loader, true trigger, fires either lots of orange connectors that act like a shotgun thingy, a wheel, the wheel is really accurate, 4 yellow connectors that go in an arc over each other, or an orange connector and lots of white rods, or a few blue rods, or a few yellows, how is yours?
plasmaspy (author)  yerjoking8 years ago
mines a complete replica of the unreal torny flak cannon witha big massive barrel than you can fit your whole hand down. you pull but the pin and clip it into the true trigger system. then put wheels down the middle or spacers on the rods in the barrel and it shoots em all !