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I am retired from both the military (30 years combined service) and from the North Carolina Community College System. Really enjoying this time in my life, even with its ups and downs.
  • pmrii commented on geotek's instructable Folding Sandpaper for Longer Life1 day ago
    Folding Sandpaper for Longer Life

    Nice presentation and in theory sandpaper life is longer. However there is more to sandpaper longevity than knowing how to fold it. The first "step" is to select the right kind and grit of sandpaper for the project. Folding is the second step. The third step is knowing how to use it properly for sanding.Master these steps and you can come out with a beautiful "base" for your finish.Phil RasmussenThe Mountain WoodworkerHendersonville, NC

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  • pmrii commented on mikeandlauren's instructable Folding Extension Cord Organizer!1 year ago
    Folding Extension Cord Organizer!

    Great idea and great presentation. It seems that there is some discussion on the pin to hold the arm up. An alternative that eliminates the pin follows:1. remove the pivot pin and route a slot about 1 to 1-1/2" long in the arm where the pivot pin goes.2. glue a board on top of the support brace 3. replace pivot pin with arm. The pin goes through the slot4. raise arm and slid toward the back of the support brace so that the top of the arm goes under the board in step 25. lift and pull arm out to release

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