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Easily my favorite person on instructables. Your costumes are great!
pokiespout (author)  agnememnondorf2 years ago
Wow, thank you! I'm finally starting to get my stuff together for this year's Halloween instructable... I've been too busy working on the costume to do much else!
i've never seen this stuff before! wow! :D i've been daydreaming about how to make my next costume and your techniques are amazing :D do you have any videos??? plz!? like, with the finished product and how you wear it? do you make the ones where the mouth opens?

i love your art!! thanks for stopping by my instructable!
pokiespout (author)  kristylynn844 years ago
Thanks a bunch! Sadly, I have almost no video, but now I have a camera that takes them so I do plan to add stuff, by and by. There is a tiny ten-second clip on my Cyberman costume, but I really wanna bust out the Great Pumpkin and get some footage of that one. The walk is really part of the whole effect!
depotdevoid6 years ago
Hey Matt, did you see this instructable?  I commented and told him he should let you know it was done, but he never responded.