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Oct. 21, 2007
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  • Ageranger commented on pyracantha's forum topic alternative ignition of thermite5 days ago

    I'm fairly certain the little striker lighter plug that is cast into the top of a road flare would be enough to ignite it. The thermite grenades have a "first fire" mixture cast on top of the thermite mixture that you are supposed to scrape some of loose before screwing the fuse/initiator spoon back onto them. I think it may be the same or similar mixture to the road flare igniter. If you pull the top plug out carefully all in one piece and shove it into your mixture then sprinkle a little smokeless powder on top of that to insure that it gets started I suspect it would work every time.

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  • ScottM259 commented on pyracantha's forum topic alternative ignition of thermite4 months ago

    I just ignited it with an iodine and aluminum mixture with a drop of water this morning for my science class, it was pretty impressive. Starting a thermite reaction with a drop of water... they thought I was a wizard. ;)

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