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dude............ POST THE INSTRUCTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im getting tired of waiting
ok i got the stuff, made the thing took the pics now all i have to do is post it. it has interchangeable barrels ( 1, 1.5 and 2 inch) and its bigger than my other one
well aren't you Mr special. just take 2 feet of 2 inch PC, an endcap and coupler and bushing a 1 inch valve and some 1 inch pcv (oh and a schrader valve) and glue them together like my pic
so you use a ball valve?
yup in hindsight i would of spend the extra 20$ and bought a brass one, you know with the one handle and bought the adapter for in, but a pvc one is fine
Hey, when exactly do you plan on posting that numatic gun ible?
i am DYING!!!! i mean i had a sore throat thing now i have the flu so i havent had the time to run into home hardware ill show u a pic
nice. post it asap please. i want it
also put flour in it and shoot it @ sparklers = FIREBALL!!!!
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