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  • radbloke commented on Downunder35m's instructable Powerful Yet Simple Induction Heater5 months ago
    Powerful Yet Simple Induction Heater

    check out this one that can melt steel reliably. I have run this thing for a while now with no blown transistors:

    check this out if you want something similar that melts metal. I built many of these Mazilli drivers and they worked well, but with high rate of blown transistors before I could figure it out. This one worked flawlessly and I could fry and melt steel with it easily with no blown transistors:

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  • radbloke commented on tanner_tech's instructable DIY Induction Heater7 months ago
    DIY Induction Heater

    The fast switching diodes in the parts list are unavailable temporarily. I found the UF4007 work just as well.

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