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Sam Freeman8 years ago
Hi, fantastic work you've got. I'm putting together some parts for my own little holoclock project, and I've got to ask you: where did you find those high efficiency LEDs?
rgbphil (author)  Sam Freeman8 years ago
I got them off E-Bay.....sorry I don't know the brand etc.
No problem, I'm sure I can hunt some down somewhere. On another note, if you have any Microdot pcbs, I'd love to take one of your hands (for whatever price is fair.)
Hello, and welcome to Instructables!
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nqn9 years ago
I haven't used their board service, but futurlec.com.au is a Thai company with offices in Australia that I've bought components from in the past. I've not had to pay import duties, even with large orders. They have a reasonably priced board service. Sparkfun also has a board service, but they ship global priority mail, for which you won't get socked with import duties if the total's less than $500 or $1000 AUD - at least that's the case in my experience having stuff shipped from the US. The GPM envelopes are also a pretty cheap way to ship boards if you're only getting a handful. How much does it cost you to get stuff sent by Mouser from overseas? I've always gotten a friend to onship using the cheapest USPS rate (when I've ordered from digikey - never dealt with Mouser) but I don't want to inconvenience them too much.
lebowski10 years ago
Nice work on the wrist watch.