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  • romwil commented on thebeatonpath's instructable DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap1 year ago
    DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap

    Wow... there is so much wrong with this. It's easy to hypersimplify a complex process and ignore the science to fit your own belief however CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Your allusion to greenhouses on the ground is amusing and..well, sort of cute.. but that's not science. I'd refute your claim but I'd prefer that Scientific American does it as they cite the studies and sources for the data for me: take a quick read - any anyone here who is actually reading and being swayed by any of these pseudoscience posts, please just read the science and more importantly read the cited studies and data rather than believing the hypersimplified posts. Will

    I'm glad you addressed the science portion of the other debates however as a beekeeper, I have to address the shrinking bee populations. Just because we can get new queens and rebuild, that doesn't mean there is no problem. The overall population is not steady - the concern is that the CCD is happening in unmanaged hives. Also our own hives (I'm not a commercial beekeeper though I had two of my own hives collapse a few years ago) take a full season to rebuild both their habitat and populations before they can return to full strength. the suburban beekeeper has some nice links and data on their site:

    I'm glad you provided the level of depth and clarity through the cited references you used to disprove the science. Can you add more?

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