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Aug. 16, 2007
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  • Your Own Squirrel Pelt - The Envy Of The Neighborhood

    Hi. I'm a 65year old woman, and I have eaten squirrel before, but I never liked it. Now I read somewhere that they have little glands behind the front legs. Carefully removing them gets rid of the gammy taste. When I was in junior High, I went through a taxidermy phase and one of the neighbor boys brought a rabbit for me to work on. She was full of babies, so I didn't have the heart to cut her open. So, with all the boys looking over my shoulder, I skinned her. Well,as I worked, they left, one by one. While I was removing the eyes,the ones left...left.They were in a bit of a hurry. She got a proper burial, and I felt bad that she was killed (road kill). My mom would cook the squirrel, but only tried it once. She was not impressed. So, when Dad brought squirrels home, they went into the freezer, just tossed in without even a plastic bag. Then when it came time to cook them, she just told my dad they were all dried out from freezer burn. He knew what she did, and he just kept bringing those squirrels home. My dad had a very dry sense of humor. Somewhat twisted in fact. Now, I have no problem with hunting. When an area is over grazed, the animals starve. That is a terrible way to die. I don't care for the fancy guns people use. No skill in that. All the men and some of the women I know, hunt to put meat into the freezer. Please remember, just because you don't like killing an animal and think it's horrible, that doesn't give you the right to be so nasty to others. How would you like it if they all came down on you like that If our grandparents hadn't hunted, we might not be here. If you don't like something, say on TV, do what I do. I use my God given right to just turn it off and switch to another program.

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