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  • samanthaskater commented on frenzy's instructable DIY Tattoos (Stick 'n' Poke)2 years ago
    DIY Tattoos (Stick 'n' Poke)

    In Leviticus Jesus tells us not to mark our bodies for the dead or for pagan practices. Personally, i have a tattoo on my arm that says "God is my strength" and im getting another on my other arm saying "Jesus saved us". I am marking my body to be a walking representation of Him, so that when someone looks at me maybe they will be touched or encouraged. Watch what you say because a lot of the time when someone says things like you just did, it reflects what their heart knows about themselves, and they lash out on others without even realizing they are looking in the mirror. Dont worry about others going to church, just be an example of Christ. Be a representation rather than a judge.

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