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LTMNO3 years ago
Hello, I didn't hear back from you?
Are you selling them?
What is the unit cost?
sbenjamin (author)  LTMNO3 years ago
please write to
robin794 years ago
I love your design.

I'm planning on building a hobby CNC machine myself, and your design really looks great... actually the best i came across so far...

That had me wondering.... is it possible to buy a kit from you? and if so, how much would that cost me?

if I can't buy a kit from you, then; where can i find plans on making this myself? do you have .dxf files for the mdf frame and do you have a partlist with exact supplier names, so i know where i can buy the parts?

i will be honest if the price is right i'm very interested in buying a kit with all parts so i don't have the source all parts and spend weeks or months on it. i would like a quick result :-)
psoni4 years ago
Hi your work is wonderful. from where i can by your cnc.
sbenjamin (author)  psoni4 years ago
sbenjamin (author) 4 years ago
hi, we are improving the design now, the new design will be better. when do you want it?