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  • Quick Start to Nodemcu (ESP8266) on Arduino IDE

    HiI'm trying to make a web server using nodeMCU as a master and 2 Arduinos as my clients,I connected BH1750 and Ds18b20 to my Arduinos and I made a wireless connection between clients and master(nodeMCU).My nodeMCU is working by cp2102 not ch340g.I can coonect to my WIFI and I can load the webpage But there is a problem which I faced so many times and which is "nodeMCU disconnects when I wanna get data from my clients and it won't load the web page and even it get disconnected from WIFI".so That's why I come to your web site and checked your tutorial,but when I upload your code on my nodeMCU it didn't connect to wifi.I attached the Image of web server that I made I desperately need your help.

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