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  • Be a scientist: make your own force meter.

    "So force meter is a fancy term for a scale here?"Strictly speaking a "scale" measures mass/weight only in respect to the to pull of gravity. A force-meter will measure will measure the amount of force needed to move an object along any vector. A scale will not work in micro-gravity but a force meter/guage will continue to function. A force meter responds to friction, moments of inertial etc.

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  • shannonlove commented on M3G's instructable False Bottom Secret Compartment7 months ago
    False Bottom Secret Compartment

    All these projects in this collection are nifty but... how can I put this... don't expect them to hide anything from...uhm... professional searchers, the type with warrants. They have entire binders full of examples of hiding places that they've found over the last, oh, 500 years (if we include customs officials.) Also be aware that if they find one secret hiding place, they'll assume there must be others. If you're just trying to keep someone out of your hardcopy diary (do people still keep those?) or are trying to make casual theives burn time, its fine.

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