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  • Air Seal Your Attic For Energy Savings

    I have a question, being "older" and female, I don't know a lot about this: 1988 an addition was added to my home with 3 recessed spotlights in kitchen and a combo bathroom vent fan/heater/light, all of which is (was) accessible from attic. I was losing a lot from my bare attic, so my brother blew in what appears to be a type of "paper" (?) insulation all over the attic floor to a depth of 2 feet (I didn't use this attic). Now I am wondering about the bath fan/heater being buried in this insulation. It IS vented to the outside, but is it a fire risk??? I loved the heater portion but am now afraid to use it....The recessed lights so far have not showed any signs of trouble....Please advise and thanks in advance

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